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De arbeider for STERK SENSUR av internet. Merkel sier jo rett ut at elitens diktaktur ikke er levedyktig med mindre de fritt kan kneble ubehagelig kritikk og avslørende sannheter. SENSUR må tydeligvis også til for å hindre såkalt "Fake News" å hjelpe nye "Trumps" å komme til makten også i Europa:

Apparently blaming this rising populism — politics that are popular with voters — on the internet, the German chancellor implied the internet would have to be subject to restrictive censorship laws as were enacted by many European nations to stem the disruptive effect of the printing press. She said:

“Digitisation is a disruptive technological force that brings about deep-seated change and transformation in society. Look at the history of the printing press, when this was invented what kind of consequences it had. Or industrialisation, what consequences that had.

“Very often, it led to enormous transformational processes within individual societies and it took a while until societies learned to find the right kinds of policies to contain this, to manage and steer this. We live in a period of profound transformation.”